Carson Gross /// Senior Software Engineer


I am a full stack developer comfortable with both front-end & back-end development. I am interested, in particular, in working on hypermedia-driven systems & with people willing to step outside the bounds of what "everyone else" in the industry is doing.

I am not actively looking for a position, however if you are interested in contacting me regarding a consulting engagement through Big Sky Software, please email me.

If you think I am a perfect fit for a full-time position I am happy to chat, with the caveat that I intend to keep teaching part-time at MSU for the foreseeable future.

Work Experience

2020 - Present

Instructor - Montana State University CS Dept.
At Montana State, I teach the following classes:

  • CSCI 366 Systems - survey of computing: transistors and assembly, through C and up to cloud programming

  • CSCI 440 Databases - database practice and theory

  • CSCI 468 Compilers - compilers, targeting JVM bytecode

  • ESOF 322 Software Engineering - modern software development practices (git, CI workflows, TDD, etc.)

  • Student Selected Professor of the Year - 2020, 2021

2020 - Present

Principal - Big Sky Software
Big Sky Software provides software consulting services and supports my open source work

2012 - 2021

CTO & Co-Founder - LeadDyno
I co-founded LeadDyno, a leading affiliate referral tracking system & helped guide it to a successful acquisition in 2021. At LeadDyno, I did the following:

  • Full stack development for our platform (mainly Ruby On Rails)

  • Designed the core data model

  • Designed the job processing model

  • Built intercooler.js for our application front end needs

2006 - 2012

Senior Staff Engineer - Guidewire Software
At Guidewire Software I worked on both applications and, mainly, on the J2EE-alternative platform Guidewire created

  • Worked on a custom, JSF-inspired web framework (PCF)

  • Worked extensively on gosu, a byte-code compiled scripting language for Guidewire’s enterprise systems

  • Member of the technical SWAT team, brought in when a product was in trouble or had particularly challenging technical issues

  • Full-stack enterprise Java development: SQL tuning, caching, performance analysis, testing, etc.

Open Source Projects


A popular alternative front end library that uses AJAX and hypermedia to enable more sophisticated user interfaces at a fraction of the complexity of Single Page Application (SPA) libraries like React


An event-oriented scripting language for front end development. Built to complement htmx, and inspired by HyperTalk, the scripting language for HyperCard


A DOM-morphing algorithm akin to Morphdom, that uses id sets to achieve more stable DOM-morphing behavior with fewer IDs in a document.


A CSS framework that minimizes DOM intervention needed to achieve good styling and layout, with an emphasis on ARIA-driven styling, sponsored by Big Sky Software


The predecessor to htmx


A schema mechanism for JSON


A byte-code compiled scripting language for the JVM


I am comfortable with the following:

Web & Cloud Development

I founded LeadDyno, a SaaS product, built in Ruby on Rails and deployed on AWS, with the usual back-end components: MySQL/PostGreSQL, Redis, S3, etc. I have created and maintain two alternative front end libraries, htmx and its predecessor intercooler.js. I also created an alternative front end scripting language, hyperscript

SQL & Databases

I have worked with databases for 20+ years, and I teach the database class at MSU

Java & The JVM

I worked on a JVM programming languages and teach the compilers class at MSU, which targets JVM Bytecode


I have long experience with testing, although I have a perhaps idiosyncratic take on the topic.

Software Patterns

I teach the software patterns class at MSU, including development methodologies such as agile, continuous integration, testing, etc.

Programming Languages

I have built multiple compilers and studied programming languages in graduate school.

Selected Writings

Selected Interviews & Talks

Academic Record


Stanford University, Masters of Science in Computer Science. Palo Alto, California
Emphasis on Programming Languages


University of California, Berkeley, Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering. Berkeley, California
Graduated With Honors
Alpha Pi Mu – Industrial Engineering Honor Society

Personal Interests

Fishing, hiking, skiing, baseball, technology, economics, philosophy, comedy.